OnPoint’s management strategy 

Sustainable, All-Inclusive Living Strategy (SAIL)



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OnPoint's management strategy is known as SAIL, or sustainable all-inclusive living. 

Experts have found that older structures were built with inefficient exterior and interior insulation, resulting in lower energy performance for the overall infrastructure, and increased spending on wasted energy.

Upon acquiring a vintage multi-family property, we partner with local contractors to implement a range of sustainable energy and water conservation upgrades. Some of these upgrades include the replacement of aged HVAC systems and deteriorated windows and doors plus the installation of new attic insulation and low flow water fixtures.  

Implementing these property upgrades improves long-term sustainability in the following ways:

      - Operating costs are significantly lowered thereby increasing net operating income
      - Air quality is greatly improved resulting in healthier residents and a healthier community
      - Core value of the property rises after eliminating or improving deferred maintenance
      - Financial barriers for prospective tenants, related to utility deposits, are eliminated providing a broader pool of potential residents


In conjunction with upgrades to the property, each resident is migrated to an all bills paid or all-inclusive leasing structure. By doing so, the property is able to take ownership of all electric meters and purchase electricity at bulk rates 50% to 70% lower than the residents’ individual costs. 

With new technology, OnPoint is able to monitor monthly electricity usage for each apartment unit.  We, then, partner with our residents to proactively detect HVAC and other energy or water consumption issues in a timely manner to keep equipment operating at optimum capacity.

OnPoint, while continuing to monitor utility costs, renegotiates water and electricity contracts regularly to keep energy expenditures minimized.  This, in turn, contributes to superior returns for investors and a lowered cost of living for residents.


While energy and water conservation is core to the SAIL strategy, providing residents with a safe, family-friendly environment drives higher occupancy and lower turnover.

Safety is always OnPoint’s first priority for all residents, employees and visitors. By implementing strict leasing criteria, we attract the best apartment tenants. Our standard security upgrades for our communities include perimeter fencing, security gates and property-wide surveillance systems.

As part of our SAIL initiatives, we implement unique, high quality amenities that invite our residents and their families outside to socialize and build relationships. This creates a culture where connections and interdependence builds strong community. Long term, happy residents means less turnover and fewer make readies-- -all building the bottom line.

We partner with local non-profits who provide after school and summer programs for resident's children.  These programs help parents feel supported as well as providing children with resources that promote a healthy and safe living environment.


Community First is the standard that molds both investment and day-to-day management decisions. A strong focus on our community’s needs ensures that our properties create wins for our residents, our investors and our partners – we’ve coined this strategy the Three Wins or Win3. 


Our energy conservation initiatives always include the replacement of old, drafty, non-functioning windows. Replacing old windows with new Energy Star windows results in the following:

New windows improve the air quality in the apartment home. Better air quality creates healthier families. Healthier families produce positive outcomes such as improved school and work attendance, thereby enhancing the residents' ability to consistently work and meet their rental obligations.

Win I

New windows help provide better insulation and energy efficiency in the home. Property wide, the reduction in energy costs is sizable and goes straight to the bottom line and into our investors pockets.

Win II

New windows help to weatherize and insulate the physical structure of the buildings. By replacing old windows and installing new energy efficient ones, we are protecting our investors' and partners' investment from additional degradation, thus enhancing the property's long term value.



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